BREAKING NEWS: The Candle Makes Major Gravel Pit Fill Project Document Available to Public.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Pepperell, Massachusetts – A plan to truck in more than 50,000 truckloads of fill from construction sites around New England was submitted to Pepperell town hall about a week ago.

Although it was being embargoed by the board of selectmen while members reviewed it, The Candle requested a copy of the document from the state agency that also received a copy.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) emailed a PDF copy first thing Friday morning to The Candle.

The Candle forwarded a PDF copy of same to the Pepperell board of health members and agent, as well as to the Pepperell conservation commission on Friday via the town assigned email addresses for each.

The Candle is making what it received from the DEP available to the public by clicking on the title below:

Letter of June 28, 2018, From TERRA Environmental, LLC, to the Pepperell Town Administrator regarding the Nashua Road Quarry Reclamation Project.

Look to The Candle website early Sunday morning for the first in a multiple part series analyzing documents other information gathered from The Candle’s investigative research.

The Candle will also report on the timeline of communications and meetings relative to this project, and review the actions of the town officials who, according to members of the board of selectmen, kept them in the dark about the project’s very existence for more than five months.