Where have we been?

The Candle is going through a significant makeover.

For the past several months, the team has been focused on creating an innovative news organizational structure which should be completed shortly.

While this has been happening, we have not filed very many on-line articles.

However, we have been hard at researching, interviewing, writing, editing, and re-writing for stories soon to appear on a slightly different looking news page of The Candle.

The changes will be evolving over a couple of weeks, so don’t expect an eyeball popping layout change which might otherwise cause someone to ask, “Is this the same Candle?” 

The approach will be more about organizing and coordinating the coverage of news in several states, localities in those states, and some national news, about matters impacting the lives of working people.

Organizing and coordinating?


Sounds like Fox News’ approach to covering news … albeit from 180-degree orientation.

Readers are invited to interpret the approach and coverage however they choose.

We will lay out what our intent is and let you all decide if it’s something you want to check out regularly, and whether we are living up to our statement of intent.

So, look here Monday, April 23, for some new stories and a statement laying out how and what we intend to research and report about governance – things that tear apart, hug, sideswipe, benefit, or simply inform – the lives of millions of people.

(An earlier version prematurely reported the updated site to begin on Friday, March 30 – our apologies.)