Pepperell BOS Schedule Meeting to Discuss Town Adminstrator Vacancy.

Pepperell Board of Selectmen, Lisa Ferolito, William Greathead, and Roland Nutter (L to R)

Monday, May 28, 2018

Pepperell, Massachusetts – The Pepperell Board of Selectmen will hold a previously unscheduled meeting this Wednesday evening, May 30, 2018, in response to the notification the board received last Thursday from town administrator Mark Andrews that he would use accrued vacation time until he officially retires in mid-July.

The meeting was posted on Friday, and will begin at 7:00 PM, in conference room A at the town hall.

Andrews sent an email to the board members on April 30, 2018, informing them of his intention to retire mid-summer, and had called in sick for much of last week.

The decision to use his vacation time for the remainder of his town employment, leaves the community with no one to perform the duties ascribed to the town administrator, prior to a new person being appointed by the process described in the town charter.

While the BOS appointed a search committee at its regularly scheduled meeting last Monday, Andrews’ newest communication seems to have prompted the board to look towards some preliminary actions to assure community service responsibilities of the town administrator are not neglected.

The three related agenda items the BOS will address are:

Discussion of Town Administrator Search Committee

Finalization of Town Administrators’ Job Description

Discussion of Interim Town Administrator Appointment

Members of the town administrator search committee appointed by the BOS last week are:

Lisa Ferolito – Member of the Board of Selectmen

David Scott – Police Chief 

Deb Spratt – Lawrence Library Director 

Kenneth Kalinowski, PE – Town Engineer 

Jason Russell – Lieutenant, Fire Department

Deborah Fountain – Town Resident Appointment 

Caroline Ahdab – Town Resident Appointment

This search committee is just getting started, so it appears the session on Wednesday will help apprise the members of their charge in conducting a search and preliminary interviews of candidates to replace Andrews.

Click here for link to BOS Agenda for Wednesday evening.