Rick Miera is back. Will enter race for Lt. Governor.

Rick Miera, Well liked former House Majority Leader at the Roundhouse supporting fellow motorcyclists and bike riders of the pedaling type.

As The Candle reported in late February, former Democratic House Majority Leader Rick Miera, a lifelong friend of progressive causes and individual rights, was contemplating entering the race for New Mexico’s Lt. Governor for the 2018 election cycle.

According to a text from Miera today, he is in and will officially announce soon.

Apparently the long time legislator has seen enough from the sidelines.

Miera brings years of legislative experience to a landscape suffering from a lack of serious leadership.

While the legislature and the executive branches of government bicker with each other over politics the state sinks further into a state of depression –financially weakened, and leaving the public with a lack of confidence in its institutions of governance.

Miera’s re-entry into the political scene should offer some hope, as he has a reputation of placing results before partisanship.

More to come.

PS – The Candle has been on a hiatus for the past two weeks as its contributors were taking a break, and its editor is the process of establishing an expansion of the coverage area during the summer months – look here next week for an update and several new stories.