Let’s Reintroduce Fairness, and Help Reboot America’s Economy.

As Americans sit at home pondering life after COVID-19 and reflecting on the lives of those we will miss, let’s also look for a way to rebuild our country with fairness.

This is our existential moment – do we look at a world that is falling apart and just wait for it to finally implode, or do we fix it?

Or rather, do we fix our behavior?

In the 1930’s our grandparents, and some of our parents, lived through times that were just as difficult or worse than what we are encountering today – and they responded with some major reforms in the way the economic system worked.

There is no reason we cannot find a way to a better future. A future with promise for all, not just those at the top of the financial food-chain.

Congress has already passed three major spending bills to try to keep our economy afloat – and it’s expected there will be more coming.

But there are some other things needing the attention of Congress which involve the countless rules on how our economic system functions.

America’s constructive growth in the past was achieved when our political and financial structures were held accountable by the public.

The Candle is going to be reporting over the next few weeks on some of the rules that need changing.

One of the first rules will require money and opportunity gets to the people who make the economy a reality everyday: employees and businesses.

It also means making sure that banks and investors, large and small, are able to focus on rebuilding the American economy – not unjustly inflating the portfolios of a few.

Shouldn’t investment in the stock market be about growth of a nation’s economy – its infrastructure and opportunities for all its people?

That means investing for growth in employment and products, and not using unchecked and unfair trading advantages to beef up the wealth of a few high frequency rollers.

The Securities Exchange Commission can easily remedy the methodical skimming of a little off the top of each of millions fast moving trades as a path to riches for a few.

A lot of America’s capital will be contributed to various sectors of the economy. We need to remember that capital is owned by the community of the whole, not just the privileged.

Americans need to insist Congressional actions are fair and constructive.

Look for our stories about the fixes needed, and what you can do.