“It’s all hydrogen all the time here!” – NMED Secretary James Kenney to Hydrogen Hub Advocates

New Mexico Environment Secretary James Kenney’s complete buy-in on Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s efforts to accelerate the establishment of a Hydrogen Hub economy in New Mexico is best evidenced through his own words.

In August 31, 2021 Melanie Kenderdine, a principal player in a think tank advocating ‘hydrogen hub formation.’ wrote to Kenney regarding a proposed upcoming event, and invited Governor Lujan Grisham to be a speaker. Kenney was also invited to participate “in some capacity.”

Kenney and Kenderdine had met at the site of a coal-fired power plant that had been shuttered and which Tallgrass Energy, LP (a company with offices in Texas and Kansas) had recently announced it was planning on converting into a hydrogen-fired generating operation.

Kenney wrote in response to the invitation: “Yes, please include the Governor and keep us posted. Looping in Caroline Buerkle, Deputy COO for the Governor, who was also at the Escalante tour with us. Thanks you for reaching out.”

Kenney ended the email writing,

“I hope you are well, Melanie! It’s all hydrogen all the time here!”

In several upcoming stories, based in part from thousands of pages of documents received in response to an Inspection of Public Records Act request, The Candle will expose the behind the scene efforts of Kenney and the Governor to court hydrogen industry advocates and convince them that in New Mexico ‘It’s all hydrogen all the time’ – especially at the state’s environment department.

(NOTE: An article The Candle expected to publish yesterday regarding a no-bid contract issued by New Mexico’s Environment and Economic Development departments to a hydrogen industry insider will be published later this evening, as we await a response from state officials regarding suspected improprieties in the contracting approval process.)